Wood is the only renewable floor covering. Trees can be replanted and currently, the annual number of trees planted is higher than the number of trees being removed. In fact, there is more standing timber today than in the last 50 years!


Wood is stronger than steel, yet the manufacturing costs and energy use is less than other building materials.

Wood is also a great insulator with up to 10 times more insulating capacity than steel or aluminum, and 5 times more insulating capacity than concrete.

Environmental Impact

Wood is carbon neutral, meaning that throughout its life, wood traps harmful chemicals and releases oxygen. Many believe that wood floors are the most effective product at improving the air quality of your home as they are hypoallergenic and minimize dust.

Wood is biodegradable, meaning it isn’t adding to landfill waste and can be recycled in many creative ways such as reclaimed wood flooring, repurposed as furniture or used for mulch.


The adaptability and longterm benefits of wood increases the value of your home. Wood flooring can last hundreds of years and can be refinished, restained and reimagined many times  throughout the course of its life.

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