Introduction to SmartPlank Technology

A hardwood floor is expensive, but it is also an investment that will yield dividends. Protect it with Smartplank technology.

Hardwood floors are highly sought after for their natural beauty and perceived status. Every hardwood floor is uniquely created by nature. Hardwood flooring use dates back to the 1600’s, yet only recently has the industry been truly understood. Still there remains a large amount of ignorance among so called industry professionals. A certain amount of deception exists in our industry as well. There are certain truths to hardwood flooring that a potential customer needs to know.

Wood and water do not mix well together

All wood flooring changes color with exposure to light

All wood flooring will dent and distress over time and use

Hardwood floors expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity

These truths should be explained to every potential hardwood flooring customer. Unfortunately, these facts do not always get conveyed to prospective hardwood flooring buyers. Then they become disappointed in their purchase. Smartplank technology can’t change hardwoods sensitivity to water, light or distressing. However, Smartplank technology can help to drastically reduce hardwood flooring movement.

Excessive movement can create many issues. The more a hardwood floor expands and contracts over its life, the more stress is imposed on the planks. Cupping, checking, spits and gaps are all a result of excessive movement. If the conditions are too extreme, a hardwood floor can become permanently disfigured and require replacement. Smartplank technology operates very much like a check engine light in your car. Because the sensor is installed on the under side of the plank, it reads the temperature and humidity levels in the most critical area. It transmits the data to your smart device daily. It measures the temperature and humidity of both the flooring and the subfloor beneath. It is important because this microenvironment (the space between the floor and subfloor) is where the floor gains or loses most of its moisture. It is also critical because this area is unseen. Without Smartplank technology, the only way to detect an environmental imbalance is when you notice that your hardwood floor has become disfigured. Most of the time, these changes are permanent. Your Smartplank floor will warn you in plenty of time so you can make the necessary adjustments before the floor becomes damaged.

If you are planning to use in-floor heat, Smartplank is the obvious choice. Hardwood flooring companies are reluctant to endorse in-floor heating systems for use with their products. The concern is that homeowners may turn up the heat too far too fast. The result is the heating element gets too hot and basically cooks the moisture out of the floor. The result is an eventual failure of the hardwood floor. Smartplank technology will pick up this issue and warn you before damage can occur.

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