Frequently Asked Questions

01. How many SmartPlank sensors will I need for my floor?

Typically, your SmartPlank floor will have the necessary sensors based on your order. We place 1 per 1,000 square feet. If your order is less than that you will have 1 per order if less than 1,000 square feet.

02. Can I adjust my heat and humidity from my smart device?

You can, IF, you have an app on your phone that controls your humidifier or thermostat.

03. Is Smartplank technology secure?

The technology uses a 2.4 GHz ISM-Band which is often associated with garage door openers or even a cordless landline phone.

04. Is it possible to hack into my SmartPlank system?

It is not possible. The sensor uses Bluetooth connectivity which doesn’t allow for any other device to interfere with that connection.

05. Will Smartplank warn me if my floor floods?

If your floor floods neither the sensor or the flooring will survive. At that point, calling your insurance agent would be the best suggestion.

06. Will Smartplank work with in-floor heating systems?

One of the reasons the sensor was developed. It is a crucial component to monitoring an in-floor heated system.

07. If I forget my username or password, what do I do?

Just touch on the “forgot password” button and you will reset your password. If you forget your username we can provide that based on your order.

08. How do I adjust the humidity in my home?

If you have a forced air furnace with an equipped humidifier it will likely have a humidistat. That humidistat will have a dial (analog) or a digital pad for adjustment.

09. What if I don’t have a humidistat in my home?

It is crucial that you contact your HVAC contractor to add a humidifier prior to installation of your SmartPlank wood floor.

10. Why is it important to maintain my interior environment?

Wood flooring is dried to perform in a consistent environment. If that environment is outside of the range it is likely to be exposed to facial fractures or cupping (a concave appearance).

11. How long will my Smartplank sensors last?

Most sensors last 5 years.

12. What should I do once my sensor has lost battery life?

Once you have accumulated several years of experience with your floor, and its surrounding environment, you will be able to continue your same practice moving forward.

13. Will the Smartplank technology interfere with other devices in my home?

Due to the very low frequency radio band the sensor will have NO impact on anything else located in the home.

14. What do I do if I have a problem with my Smartplank floor?

Depending on the issue. We suggest that you call SmartPlank so we can assist.

15. Is Smartplank technology safe?

Very safe. Since the device uses low energy Bluetooth and a radio frequency that is typical in a transistor radio your health will not be impacted from this device.

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