Sensor Registration

Smartplank technology will assist you in maintaining a proper environment for your hardwood floor. It just takes a few minutes to register your device. Once registered, your Smartplank floor will send daily information about temperature and humidity levels. So let’s get your device registered.

 Across the bottom of the decal are boxes for you to record information for future reference. The first box will contain your device serial number. That number should already be recorded. You will need this to activate the device on the app. The remaining boxes are for you to write in information for future reference. We recommend the use of a permanent marker. Write the room name in box number 2. Write your username for the app in the next box. Then record your password in the next box. Then finally the date in the last box. You may now remove the decal. The decal should be kept in a safe place for future reference. It can be folded in half and kept in a folder, or it can be applied to any smooth surface. Many people will take a picture and save it to their computer.

1. Download app found in the App Store or Google Play by searching SmartPlank.

2. Enter Username found on your paperwork or the plank installed in your floor.

3. Password will be 123 and no need to change the password since this is specific to your username and
allows for quicker support if something goes wrong.

4. In order to get notifications it is recommended to keep your app open in the background.

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