How To Build Your Floor

Smartplank offers an infinite amount of design choices. Having limitless options is exciting, but it can be difficult to decide where to start. Here we will help walk you through the steps and give you important things to consider as you design your new Smartplank floor. Remember, no matter what your decisions are in the design process, your new hardwood floor will be a one of a kind masterpiece. It can never be duplicated and will always be truly unique.


Select the thickness that best suits your interior space. Consider your interior finishes and the thicknesses of other floor coverings adjacent to your wood floor when selecting the thickness of your Smartplank floor. Smartplank offers custom moldings to properly finish your project, but it is always best to select a thickness that creates minimal change in thickness. Our sandable wear layers are 3.5 mm on our ½” product and 4.5 mm on our 5/8” and ¾” profiles.


Smartplank offers 1’-8’ random length planks. The random lengths create a hardwood floor that has the same appearance as solid hardwood flooring. Many engineered hardwood floors have fixed lengths. This creates visual repetition which is similar to resilient and laminate flooring. If desired, Smartplank can increase the minimum length to 2′, 4’ or 6′ and the maximum length to 10’. Many believe that increasing plank lengths adds richness to the overall visual.


Choosing a width is all about design. Smartplank offers 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 8” standard widths. We offer wider widths by special quote. Design trends are clearly demanding wider widths, which may require additional installation practices such as glue assist. We are also seeing plenty of requests for mixed widths. Because of the quality, dimensional stability and technology of Smartplank engineered products, wider widths can be used in any interior application.


Selecting your species of wood combines design and durability concerns. Smartplank has an unlimited offering of species. If you look at the the Janka Hardness Scale, you will notice a very large disparity from top to bottom of this scale. Just remember that no matter how hard the wood you decide on, it will still dent and distress. When you choose a hardwood floor for your project, it is like putting a piece of furniture underfoot. It is important to set your expectations properly.


Check out the Janka Hardness Scale!


Do you want a natural color, or do you want to have your floor stained a particular color? It’s up to you. In addition to our beautiful naturals Smartplank offers 45 standard colors to choose from. All these colors can be viewed on your selected specie in our state-of-the-art configurator. This will give you a digital representation of what your floor will look like. Once you have found what you like, you may then request a physical sample which will be made just for you. If our standard colors are not a fit, we will do custom color matching. Using a picture or sample of what you want, we will match your desired color and create a sample for your approval.

Texture & Finish

Surface texture is something we take great pride in providing. Choose from wire bushing or hand scraping in light, medium or heavy texture. Circle sawn texture is available for those who want a rustic, old world appearance.


Finally, you will need to select your finish. We offer high build aluminum oxide fortified, UV cured factory applied finished in semi-gloss, satin, matte and ultra-matte. All carry a 35-year residential wear warranty and 5 years commercially. We also offer hand oiling for those who prefer a more natural appearance.